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Interior Design for Your Home & Business

Commercial Interior design
Why you need your office designed

Creating a new office space or refurbishing an existing one is a reflection of fundamental change in a company’s life.


People are the heart of every organization, and the manner in which they work together in their work space can enhance positive behavior, advance company strategy and embody brand and culture.


At Apleni Towers we create workspaces by deeply understanding each client’s organization, developing solutions using the various tools at our disposal to create home-from-home experiences which are modern and technologically relevant, effective yet functional.

We investigate new ways of working and of using space, constantly innovating to create environments which are both fresh and enable productivity.

Home interior design
We take care to understand your lifestyle and home needs,
designing your new home from the inside out.

Personalised. Individual. Luxurious details and finishes that reflect the essence of who you are. These are the hallmarks of a Head Interior home.

We take care to understand your lifestyle, family and home needs, designing your new home from the inside out while ensuring that your individual taste and lifestyle are at the core of your home design.


Depending on the stage of the project we tailor our services to suit your needs.

Your Home and Your Business

Arranging the internal space of a house, apartment, or office by using controlled methods of placing objects that work in harmony to create a pleasant living environment.

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