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Why Choose Apleni Towers?


Apleni Towers is a South African based company and it was established out of passion for personalization, uniqueness, style and all things aesthetical. We provide you with a comprehensive property services | solutions suite which ranges from, Home and Business Improvements Services, Interior Design, Property Management, Maintenance and Repairs for Residential & Corporate environments. We offer customised property services & solutions including lease agreements.


Our Mission:

Our aim is to provide long-life effective solution for all your Building, Property Management, Improvement Services and Interior Design. We are committed in serving our customers through the following:

  • Delivering quality products and services

  • Guaranteed workmanship on all services and products

  • Long lasting and effective solutions


Our Vision:

Create long lasting relationships with our clients based on the foundation of our trustworthy workmanship.


Our Values:


L-EADERSHIPS: The spirit of leadership is organic within all our leaders and is instilled in all our employees.


O-PENNESS: We ensure the highest standards of transparency in all aspects of our business operations to yield a business that is trusted by our clients, stakeholders and partners.

N-OBLE: Our team is born to deliver to the highest client expectations.

G-UARANTEE: We guarantee all our workmanship to ensure a high level of satisfaction.

E-THICAL: We embrace the highest standard of ethical behavior in all aspects of our business to ensure longstanding client-relationships.

V-ALUES: We ensure our team undergo the highest level of trainings to provide our customers with top quality services and 100 percent satisfaction of our clients.

I-NTEGRITY: We never bend the truth for
us to achieve our sales, we make sure that we always provide the truth when it comes to our communication, services and products.

T-EAMWORK: We encourage a culture of team work that allows us to combine the quality and expertise of our professional staff to delivery excellent services and solutions to our clients.

Y-OU: Our central focus point is always our customers.

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